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February 5, 2020
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February 5, 2020

10 Best Nutrition Tips For Workaholics

If you work compulsively and do not get time to indulge in any other activity, struggle to get time for your meals, consider work to be more important than sleep, you are a workaholic.
If you want to perform to your best and expect optimum results from your efforts you need to change your habits a bit – change towards a healthier way of living. Doing so will ensure that you get the proper nutrition and the energy to work for long hours with good results.
Consider the following nutrition tips and see where you need to bring about a change.

1. Sleep Well
Are you getting your required six to seven hours for shut-eye time? Make sure you do so, as the body needs time to recharge. This is the time your tired muscles take a rest, your brain cells relax so that when you wake up the next day you are ready for another round of challenges. No one can deliver good results with a tired mind and body.

2. Have a Hearty Breakfast
Never ever skip this very important meal of the day. This is the meal that sets you for a day of hard work. Stepping out on an empty stomach is a way of inviting trouble in the form of ill-health.

3. Snack Healthy
We all snack in between meals. It helps us stay charged and provides us with those bursts of energy time and again. But not all kinds of snacking are good for the body. Ideally, snacking should include a handful of nuts, a bowl of fruits, vegetable juice or a fruit smoothie. Be sure to have these snacks at least one and a half hours before your meal times or else the snacks may interfere with meals.

4. Eat Fresh
This might not always be possible for workaholics because food, for many, comes last in the priority list. Freezer foods do contain nutrition but not as much as freshly cooked meals. Besides the taste of fresh food can never be beaten.

5. Have Fruits and Vegetables
Carbs are needed for energy. They are also filling, but too much may be too bad. Make sure to have ample amount of vegetables at every meal. Not only do they carry a host of vitamins and minerals needed for the body but also keep you full for long. They provide the much needed fiber.

6. Drink Lots of Water
Water is the only drink that quenches your thirst. It is needed to keep the body moisturized. When the water content of the body is regulated, the digestive system works in perfect condition. If you can get into the habit, try to begin your day with a glass or two of water.

7. Take The Stairs
Nutrition does not only include the stuff we consume internally. In order to be healthy and derive the benefits of food eaten, it is important to include some bit of exercise. If you cannot squeeze in time for a workout look for alternatives. Take the stairs instead of the lift. Park the car at a distance and walk a bit.

8. Walk While You Talk
The mobile phone too can help you stay healthy, indirectly. As a workaholic it is quite likely that you spend a lot of time talking on the phone too. With a mobile phone it is possible to leave your seat while you talk. So the next time you need to talk on the phone just get up and take a walk. Not only will your conversation be completed you will also give yourself the much needed physical activity.

9. Plan Your Meals
The main reason of grabbing junk food when hungry is the lack of planning. Every weekend, or whenever you have a little time for yourself, prepare a meal plan. And do not stop at this. Go ahead and shop for those items and stock up for the week. With things planned out you do not have to do the last minute thinking and will always have appropriate food ready.

10. Shop Right
When you plan, make sure to bear in mind these nutrition tips and shop accordingly. Get things which are good for your gut and mind. Stock up on healthy items, stay away from pre-mixes, limit pre-cooked food and aim for fresh and clean eating. When you shop right you will also eat right. Workaholics are on the increase and this puts health at a risk. It is not the work that is causing the problem but the ignorance of nutrition tips. With an aim to accomplish a lot within a short span of time, leaves people neglecting their health. The need is to adopt a healthy lifestyle, take care of one’s health and then get ready for the race.